Terms And Conditions

At Lightspeed we lay everything on the table upfront. As we also retail for Kacific satellite in Papua New Guinea, we simply pass on to you their policies. We also have our own internal policies which we have specific below. If you wish to have anything clarified simply ask your question on our LIVE chat portal or send us an email here.

Fair Usage Policy

As we are offering unlimited internet and satellites in general have a maximum output, Kacific has thought it fit to have everyone use the internet fairly. In essence, you will receive the speed andperformance you pay for. However your account may be throttled if you use the internet to its maximum speed 24/7, If you find your speed has been throttled, send us an email or chat with us LIVE. We can provide you a usage report and a reason why your account has been throttled. In most cases a throttled account will mean a quarter of the speed you paid for. Your full package will be reset on the first day of each month. Our advice - switch your wifi router off when you don't need the internet just in case some devices in your home are set to update automatically overnight. The Kacific FUP is attached here.

Termination of Service and Refund Policy

In the event of termination before contract period ends, due to reasons other than technical non-compliance by the service provider, the Client will be liable to pay a Termination fee equivalent to 50% of the monthly recurring costs for the remainder of the contract duration. Lightspeed may apply Deposit, if any, against the termination fee. Parties hereby acknowledge the termination fee to be a genuine pre-estimate of Lightspeed's loss resulting from such termination.

Upgrading and downgrading your service

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time by giving us 7 days notice prior to a new month. Upgrade/downgrade activation fee is K99 plus the cost of your new plan.

Ownership of hardware

All equipment is owned by the customer from the day payment is made. Customer’s insurance kicks in from the time the hardware leaves our depot at Telikom 4 Mile Port Moresby. We will not be responsible for loss of goods or damage from 3rd party providers.

Lightspeed TV Box

The Lightspeed TV Box is an OTT ANDROID Box with inbuilt Netflix and You Tube and is only sold with the Home+ package and higher packages. While Home+ provides enough speed to view streaming services, you must know that streaming services may be affected if you break the Fair Usage Policy. It is advisable to plan your streaming viewing so as to ensure you allocate it to times where your office/home PC's are not set on auto updates. It is advisable to switch the Reach WIFI Router off at night or when you're leaving home/work. Lightspeed takes no responsibility if Netflix or other services do not work. Our commitment is to ensure your internet works.

Deliveries and Installation

Our policy is to deliver our hardware to you within 10 working days of payment. Once the hardware has arrived, our support desk will guide you through the first stage of installation. We will require you to install the ground mount a few days prior to our installers arrival so the cement has had time to set. The Tech ground mount guide is here.


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